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5 Apartment Friendly Decor Ideas | Luxury Apartments

5 Apartment Friendly Decor Ideas to Try in 2024

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Head into the New Year with a Fresh, New Style in Your Luxury Apartment

As the new year approaches, it’s likely you’re feeling that itch to make some changes in your life. There are big and small ways we can grow in 2024, and your home is likely one of the first places you want to reconsider. Your space is a reflection of you. Let your apartment reflect your lifestyle and New Year’s resolutions!

Although you might have your apartment laid out in a way you like, there are always small ways you can update your decor and revamp your space. Luxury apartmentsare a great blank slate for any decor style, and it’s time to spice things up.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Luxury Apartment Living Room

What better way to ring in the new year than with a burst of color? January, although brimming with anticipation for a bright year ahead, can feel a little dull. It can be cold, dreary, and slow this time of year. That’s why it’s the best time to bring some life into your space and make your home a brighter, happier place to be!

The easiest way to bring color into your apartment is through rugs and pillows. These are easy decor items to switch out without compromising the rest of your space. If your couch is a neutral color, adding a bright orange pillow or a patterned rug will freshen up your apartment and give your living room an energy boost. If you’re concerned with over-doing it with bright colors, consider picking one accent color and designing your space around that shade. This way, you know there will be a cohesive look to the room no matter what!

Personalize Your Outdoor Space

Oftentimes, it’s our outdoor spaces that get neglected when we decorate. But when you live in a luxury apartment, your outdoor patio or balcony has just as much potential to brighten up your life!

Take your balcony to the next level with outdoor furniture and decor made specifically with renters in mind. Whether you add some temporary flooring, some new potted plants – faux or real, or a fun outdoor bar, you can create a personalized outdoor space you can enjoy all year round.

Mix and Match Chairs in Your Luxury Apartment

As we embrace 2024, it’s a time of trying new things. While the trend of mis-matched chairs has always flourished, this year in particular is a great time to test the waters! No matter your style, you can find fresh, new seating that pairs well with what you already own. Mixing and matching your chairs creates a unique editorial look and changes things up just enough to make your apartment feel warmer and fresh.

Add Dynamic Shelves to Your Apartment Walls

Your space can feel flat or stale over time without added dimension or layering. Unique shelving not only looks great, but allows you to display unique books, plants, and decor in your home in an exciting way. While you might have all the knick knacks and coffee table books you could dream up, unless you’re purposefully displaying them, they won’t have the effect you like.

Floating shelves are a great renter-friendly way to add your own personal touch to the space without damaging the walls of your new apartment for rent. Add candles, small plants, and books to these shelves and notice how they liven up your walls!

Revamp Your Luxury Apartment Gallery Wall

There are small changes you can make in your space that don't break the bank or require you to fully rearrange your furniture. The new year is the perfect time to switch out some of your picture frames and wall art. Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes. Try mixing metals for a pop of glam. Gold, silver, and brass can all co-exist, and together they create a dynamic, fashion-forward look.

Maybe it’s time to print out those family photos you’ve been meaning to hang up or finally click the buy button on that piece of art sitting in your online shopping cart. Simply updating the photos in your frames can freshen up your space and get you excited for more decor upgrades in the future.

Are You Ready to Call a Luxury Apartment at The Villas at Waterside Home?

The Villas at Waterside are premiere pet friendly apartments near you in Lenexa, Kansas. You can take these awesome decor ideas and completely transform one of our new apartments for rent in no time! Reach out to our team to schedule a private tour and ring in New Year’s Day at The Villas at Waterside.

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