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The Best Ways to Set Up Your New Studio Apartment

Make the Most of Your Space in Your Luxury Apartment in Lenexa Arranging your furniture and deciding how to set up your space is difficult enough. This is magnified when all of your belongings are in one room, like a studio apartment. Luckily, there are many ways to make the most of your compact apartment…

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The Perfect Apartment Guide for Moving to KC

And What You’ll Find Just a Few Miles From Your Luxury Apartment in Lenexa When you live at the Villas at Waterside, you’ll instantly be immersed in luxury. From our new apartments for rent to our extensive list of community amenities, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to live a top-notch lifestyle. While…

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Creative Storage in 1 Bedroom Apartments: Stow Like a Pro!

Discover More Ways to Organize Your Luxury Apartment in Lenexa Living in a one-bedroom apartment has its perks. You have the whole place to yourself, and that means less square footage that you’ll have to clean. However, one-bedroom apartments only come with so many storage options, and if you own a lot of stuff, you…

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Your Pet Lives Large at The Villas at Waterside

Luxury Apartments in Lenexa Are Perfect for Pets and The People Who Love Them Doing research to find a new apartment home doesn’t have to add to your stress. Packing and moving to-do lists are already stressful enough, so the lists of requirements, restrictions, and little details at the typical apartment complex when looking for…

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